From a rejected TV script to a novel
Initial script 
A guy is entering the Town Hall. There’s an old lady at the desk.
“Please take your ticket and wait there”
He gets a ticket, takes his smartphone out and walks towards the chairs. Suddenly he hears “26!”. He's got number 27. He goes back to the ticket machine and hit the button several times.
Until he ends up with number 67. He sits down and keeps surfing on his smartphone. “27!... no?? “28!”...”

NOK concept
We took the basic concept of the script: someone who wants to stay longer at the Town Hall. But why?
This is the story of Els, a young Flemish girl who LOVES paperworks and government services. Therefore the Town Hall is her favorite place on Earth. She'll do anything to stay longer in this place, even it means sacrificing the normal course of things. Even if people's lives are being threatened. 

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